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Other Film Projects

70 Things to Do at Colorado State University | 2021

My final film for my Advanced Production course, and the largest undertaking in my repertoire. Ben Krueger and I set out to complete as many items on the CSU "70 Things to do" list before his graduation mere weeks away.  

Photography Instruction Video: How to Shoot Events

Lucy Morantz, photographer for the Collegian newspaper, showcases technique, process, and philosophy to guide you on your next event photography gig. 

Jacob Ramos and the Fort Collins High School Soccer Team | 2021

Jacob Bramos, a high school sophomore reflects on his growth and the value of persistence and teamwork. 

Small Business in Fort Collins During Covid | 2020

Nora Landy interviews various business owners and workers in Old Town Fort Collins during a peak in the Pandemic.

3D Audio Experiment - Going Out | 2021

I experiment with stereo audio mixing and visual composition as I tend to my  2010 Triumph Scrambler 900.

Bliss | 2017

In my earliest short film, produced in my 3rd year of high school, A young man deals with the pain and then acceptance of losing a loved one.

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