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From non-fiction podcast influences like This American Life, Up and Vanished, Blowback, and High Strange, as well as narrative podcast series like The Magnus Archives, Magnus Protocol and The Black Tapes, I've created personal audio projects focused on topics close or fascinating to me. 


The Ethical Dilemma of the "F**k Bush" Incident | 2021

In 2007, the student newspaper The Rocky Mountain Collegian ran an op-ed which shook the institution of free speech on college campuses across the country.

It is often hailed as a defining moment of triumph for the student organization, but there's more to the incident which meets the eye, and damage was done which has all-too-often gone unconsidered. 

An audio news story.

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A Covid Story | 2021

During the first peak of the pandemic, an insecurity in a family threatens to tear it apart, but when tragedy strikes, they have to come together to get through it as one. 

Based on a true story.

Cycle story4.jpg

The Motorcycle Family | 2021

There are cords of experience which tie families together. While it may not appear that way on the surface, for mine, it's motorcycles; and the life, love, and danger that comes with them.

A collection of true stories.


The Back Roads | 2020

There are ancient roads hidden beneath the pavement and asphalt we know. Roads that breathe, that hold stories of their own. Sometimes, those stories find their way into ours along the way.

A narrative audio story.


Mountain Avenue Market Radio Spec Ad | 2021

 I produce a short radio spec advertisement which could be played on local stations such as the CSU 90.5 KCSU FM station in order to increase traffic to the local grocery market.

An Experimental Advertisement.

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